Fulfilling the Callings of the Lord – Mosiah 13:3

Classically, we think of Nephi when we think of the Lord blessing us to be able to fulfill His commandments. (See 1 Nephi 3:7.) And his faith in the Lord’s power to help him succeed is proven as we read the account of his obtaining the brass plates.

However, I read the following scripture today, and felt it was another suitable testimony of this principle.

“3 Touch me not, for God shall smite you if ye lay your hands upon me, for I have not delivered the message which the Lord sent me to deliver; neither have I told you that which ye requested that I should tell; therefore, God will not suffer that I shall be destroyed at this time.
4 But I must fulfil the commandments wherewith God has commanded me;…”Mosiah 13:3-4

God had commanded Abinadi to give the people, priests and king a message. Even before completing this message, the Priests wanted to force Abinadi to stop by putting him to death. However, Abinadi hadn’t yet fulfilled His calling. The Lord enabled Abinadi to complete his work before being martyred.

So…Things are way better for me. I’m not being threatened with death or martyrdom. However, I feel like there are times when I’m having a difficult time with doing everything that the Lord has commanded me. There are times when I think of the duties I have – and I feel a little overwhelmed. Do any of you ever get that way? I mean, if you’re like me at all, you have a spouse, children, people to visit teach, neighbors, a calling, etc… Sometimes, it feels like it is impossible serve in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Yet here, in Mosiah, we see the example of Abinadi, who didn’t get overwhelmed with his calling or his circumstances. He stayed strong, and the Lord reinforced Abinadi with the strength that he would need in order to fulfill his duty.

I think that I forget this. Even though my errand isn’t totally spectacular, I, too, am on an errand from the Lord. And the Lord is counting on me to succeed. If I just allow myself to be filled with His spirit, then He will give me exactly the strength I need to do His work.

I’m grateful for these reminders. I need them every once in a while. I’m grateful to know that the Lord doesn’t give us tasks that are impossible. He doesn’t set us up to fail. He is our biggest “cheerleader.” This is His work, and it will not fail. If I choose to be a part of it, then He will strengthen me so that I can do what is expected of me. He will strengthen me to be able to give a worthy offering.

(sorry this post is so…needy-ish…I just liked learning this today.)


2 thoughts on “Fulfilling the Callings of the Lord – Mosiah 13:3

  1. Kimberly

    Thank you for this reminder. It’s so wonderful to know that He wants us to succeed and will do all He can to help. We just have to remember to turn to Him.

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