Young Women’s Lesson 2-42 – Gratitude and Appreciation

This was a good lesson. Originally, I thought that I would use more from the manual, but, as I often do, I found myself adjusting some of the suggestions in the manual. The reason this happened was because I felt that there was so much information that I could incorporate from the scriptures rather than focus on stories and quotes.

I love the scriptures, and I love using them in class. I love seeing the young women go to the source of our gospel principles.

So…the bulk of this lesson discusses a few scriptures: D&C 88:33 and the story of the 10 Lepers. You can find the lesson plan I made here.

I hope that you find this lesson plan to be helpful for your needs. It went really well in our class. I felt the Spirit, and I feel like we learned a little bit more about gratitude. I liked being able to discuss the scriptures, and I hope that not only do the young women learn the principles taught in class but that they can find that these principles are in the scriptures and that both the scriptures and gospel principles can have real-every-day application.

Again, the objective of the lesson was met.


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