October 2010 Visiting Teaching Message

“I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

“In the house of the Lord, we feel the influence of the Holy Ghost and draw nearer to God, our Eternal Father, and to His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.”

This month, there is not a specific Visiting Teaching message. Instead, this issue of the Ensign is about the temple. As a visiting teacher, you can select which talk you would like to discuss with those whom you visit. The issue is full of good quotes, articles, and beautiful pictures of the temple.

Of course, you should prayerfully consider the needs of those whom you visit teach. I decided to share the message given by the Prophet – President Monson.

President Monson’s Talk – Blessings of the Temple

  • In the temple we can feel close to the Lord.
    • The temple is a sacred place. I have felt the Lord’s peace, guidance, correction, and revelation in the temple.
    • I don’t think that the temple has been a “singular” experience. There have only been a few occasions in which I have received a specific revelation or insight.

      Instead, for me, temple attendance has been a series of small feelings and experiences. I can see how regularly attending the temple for the last 10+ years of my life have changed me over time. Temple worship is a cumulative experience. The more I go, the more I understand. The more I feel His love. The more I know that the temple is the House of the Lord.

    • How has going to the temple brought you closer to the Lord?
  • The temple lifts and exalts us.
    • I have a personal testimony that the temple has lifted me in my life. When I was married to my first husband, I was unaware of some of the issues in our marriage. Yet, I made the committment to attend the temple often. When I discovered the truth of my marriage and my life, it was the strength of the temple, that had been instilled through routine attendance, that helped me to get through one of the toughest times in my life.
    • Think of a way that the temple has exalted and/or lifted you – you may want to consider sharing this experience with those you teach.
  • The temple brings peace to our souls.
    • As a mother, I have been riddled with the overwhelming thought of raising children in these times. I feel like it is almost impossible to navigate this life correctly – and happily. However, it was in the temple, that I was filled with the realization that the Lord set aside this time, specifically, for temples to dot the earth. Even when people call good evil and evil good, even when so many sins seem so rampant, we have temples available to us. We have a great deal of work to do. The responsibility to our ancestors – to perform their ordinances – will not only bless them, but will bless us with the strength we need to overcome the trials in our lives. The peace that we feel in the temples can be brought into our own homes to save and uplift our families. The peace we bring home, the blessing of temple attendance, is the way that the hearts of our fathers are turned to us. The Spirit of Elijah can bless our families now.
    • Think of ways that the temple has brought you peace. Again – share this thought. Even the temple grounds can be places of peace. And what a blessing -to find real peace in this noisy and busy world.
  • A miracle occured.
    • I know that miracles accompany consistent temple work. I have seen it in my life. Time and time again. Most of these miracles seem to have to do with either my testimony or my family. It was through temple work that I experienced the miracle of understanding my identity – and why I was adopted. I know that, even though I’m not blood-related to much of my family, I’m a part of them and their family – a crucial part. I know that I needed to do their work. There was research and work I performed that couldn’t have been done by anyone else.

      In all of this, I was blessed with an understanding of my identity, the love I have for my kindred dead, and the love they have for me. Also – I’ve experienced more miralces (finding my birth father), and I expect many miracles to follow. Heavenly Father loves his children. This church is all about family. The temple really drives that home to us – and often, the miracles we experience – in relationship to the temple – bless our families – past, present, and future.

    • You may want to consider the example of the miracle related by President Monson in this article. It is really good. You can also share your own experiences or ask your sisters if they would like to share theirs. I just love the idea that temple miracles are usually family oriented…
  • “We’ll see you in the temple!”
    • President Monson tells a story of a family in the temple. It is really beautiful. I’m thinking of my own experience, and I suppose I’ll relate a part of it.

      About a month after my separation from my first husband, I went to the temple. It was an incredibly difficult temple trip. It was my first time to the temple since I had been separated. I was filled with so many emotions. The strongest being the feeling that I had come alone.

      Yet, I felt the overwhelming comfort of God as I attended the temple that day. I saw many of my friends. I knew that Heavenly Father recognized my “sacrifice” in coming to the temple afraid and alone. I had emptiness in my heart, but the spirit was still gently comforting me.

      There was no denying that this was a sad point in my life. I’m grateful that I wasn’t given a false sense of hope. I knew that for the time being, my life would be difficult and challenging, but as I scanned my eyes across the endowment room, I was also filled with a sense of hope. One day, I’d look across, and I’d see a man – my husband – who would be true, faithful, worthy, and able to go to the temple with me. I didn’t know when that day would be. I didn’t know who would fill that seat. But the Spirit comforted my heart by reassuring me that my efforts – to go to the temple – would be blessed with what I desired.

      After years of trials and loneliness, I have received this blessing. I have been able to see my spouse in the temple! And I look forward to the time when I see my children there. What a blessing to go to such a holy place with those we love.

    • You may want to emphasize going to the temple – here…attendance…seeing one’s self at the temple.

Good luck with visiting teaching this month! Share this exciting issue. You may even consider purchasing a copy for those you teach. I hope this post helps.


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