Young Women’s Lesson 2-33: The Sacred Power of Procreation

It’s that time of year…the dreaded (?) chastity lesson.

So, the lesson plan given (at instructed the teacher to introduce the lesson, then have a member of the bishopbric come in to read the talk given by Boyd K. Packer.

I didn’t really have that opportunity. Besides that, I know that the young women in my class tune out reading almost instantly. (I can’t totally blame them. I tend to do the same).

However, I read through the talk, and I thought that it was really good. I felt like we should read it. I just didn’t want to see that glazed-over look on the Young Women’s faces.

I noticed that the talk can spark discussion that reinforces both points of the lesson: The Power of Procreation should be Used According to God’s Plan and Chastity brings happiness. I felt like a good discussion based on the talk would also help to fulfill the objective of the lesson – which is, “Each young woman will develop an appreciation for her body and the godly power of procreation.”

So – I went through the talk, and I broke it down by groups of paragraphs. I had the young women read a few paragraphs, then I asked questions reinforcing or discussing what was read.

Our class went well. Actually, when I taught the class, some of our class members were sick, so we only had ONE student! But she was a good sport. This sweet young woman, the advisor, and I went outside (it happened to be a beautiful day), and we read/discussed the talk. I could tell that even though the topic was a little bit more uncomfortable compared to others, we were able to discuss things openly. This young woman even began asking many penetrating questions, and we had a good (and hopefully helpful – to her) discussion. We didn’t get through the entire talk, but I feel like it was okay as we were addressing true concerns that she had.

So – you can check out my entire lesson plan here. I have included the breakdown of the talk – according to paragraph. I’ve also listed some questions to ask after each group. Obviously, if you decide to present the lesson in a similar way, you would want to omit my examples from my life…;) Also, as a preparation, make sure you get a few pictures of yourself if you have them – baby picture, a picture of when you were a child, a picture of you when you were a teen – with friends (I found one of me with a group of friends before homecoming), a picture of you and your spouse (if you’re married), and some family pics (if you’ve had children). Finally, I also brought more pictures of my children – to illustrate the joy we can have in our posterity. The young women liked seeing this pictures of me – someone they knew. And hopefully, it helped when I shared some of my stories – so that they can see I was young once, and we can relate in some ways.

Well – Good luck with the lesson!
(Oh…and treats never hurt. 😉 )


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