Young Women’s Lesson 2-31: The Law of the Land

Preparing for this lesson was interesting for me. I have to admit, I love the lessons that are all about the basic doctrines of the gospel. I can’t get enough of those.

I have no problems with this lesson, it’s just sometimes lessons like these are hard for me to get excited about. I like to find more doctrine to back it up. In my mind, when I understand a concept doctrinally, then I’m more apt to believe it and do it.

Plus, I really want the young women to see that what they’re learning in church can be found in the scriptures. I want them to make that application.

With that in mind, I taught the lesson in the following way:
I liked the way that the lesson manual suggested we introduced the lesson. I printed out a bunch of road signs, and we talked about the importance of these symbols. It’s a pretty obvious discussion.

Civil Laws Provide Peace and Order; We are accountable for Sustaining Laws
I felt like these concepts are so closely related that I combined them in the lesson.

To teach this concept, our class studied the 12th article of Faith. I gave each of them a worksheet with the 12th article of faith printed on it. (You can get it here. It is on the fourth page. You may want to center it on the page before printing.) We then studied each of the red words by looking up their footnotes. And we discussed the footnote.

This worked out well because we were able to talk about the various points brought up in the manual, and it was all within the framework of the 12th article of faith.

Another note, you may want to assign each young woman to a footnote. It may go faster that way. Also, let them know that if a footnote directs them to the topical guide, then they should find a scripture that sticks out to them. Discuss each scripture to see how it relates.

I also handed the girls pens so they could write notes about each footnote. Oh – and I wrote the scripture on the board using different colors of chalks for the footnotes. I boxed each footnoted word, then drew a line out – so it looked like a spider when we were finished.

An example of what the scripture would look like – obviously, though, this isn’t the 12th article of faith…I’m sure you get the idea

We had a really good discussion about this scripture.

Love of Country is Evidenced by a Young Woman’s Actions
I liked the quote about patriotism and used it. I framed the “Patriotic Acts” discussion a little differently, though.

I thought that – since we had looked at the 12th article of faith, we’d go along with that theme – and discuss ways our patriotic acts can follow with the 12th Article of Faith. I also found a scripture to relate to each point. You may want to discuss these further.


  • Obey The Laws of the Land. (See Titus 3:1).


  • Learn more about the heritage and history of the country. (See D&C 88:78-79)
  • Respect Public Officials, Property, and Political Opinions that differ from your own. (See Ephesians 4:32)


  • Be involved in Elections (vote, when you are able, maybe even work for a campaign if you believe in it). (See Mosiah 29:25-26)
  • Participate in community service projects and other civic activities. (See Galatians 5:13)
  • Be willing to fight for our rights and defend our nation. Support the soldiers who do so. (See D&C 134:11 and Alma 46:10-13, 19-21, 28)

For the lesson plan at, click here. If you want to check out the lesson plan I made for my class, you can find it here.


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