The Mormon Radio Channel

So…I don’t watch much TV. Our TV is downstairs, and out of the way. I used to watch more, but I don’t find myself near the TV, so I rarely turn it on.

That being said, I don’t like having a silent house. I like a little bit of noise, and I prefer the noise to be interesting, if not educational.

This may sound snobby, but I promise I’m not a huge snob. I just don’t like the TV much – mostly because of deep-seeded fears from my childhood. 😉

So – there is a problem for me – I’m a stay at home mom, sometimes in a very quiet house, and I want a little uplifting noise, but I don’t care for TV (plus it’s out of the way). Usually, to remedy this, I’ve listened to the radio – and usually NPR. I’ve always thought that it was like having intelligent, adult conversation in my home. I love it. I love Talk of the Nation (especially Science Friday) and the Diane Rehm Show. But, I have to admit, every once in a while – I want a little variety.

So, I finally got around to checking out the Mormon Channel. Have you listened to it? I’ve got to say – it is Great!. It is totally uplifting and really professional.

You can listen to the channel live – or you can download podcasts. I’ve been listening to the Conversations program. I’ve listened to the first three shows. They have been uplifting, interesting, and totally inspiring. I also feel that I’ve learned quite a bit.

I won’t stop my NPR habit, but the Mormon Channel will be a nice addition to my listening schedule. So check it out…!


2 thoughts on “The Mormon Radio Channel

  1. Angela

    Not watching TV is considered snobby? Wow….never heard that one before! I thought it just made you a mainstream misfit…I think I like snobby better! 😉

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