Young Women’s Lesson 2-29: Exaltation

The full lesson content from can be found here. Support Materials can be found here.

So, when I taught this lesson, I didn’t follow it word for word – My lesson is still on Exaltation. I didn’t take liberties with the purpose of the lesson or the doctrine behind it. I just felt a strong impression that I should explain more about The steps leading up to it. We spent a lot of time in the scriptures discussing the basic doctrines of the gospel. The girls were interested and liked it. I liked it. I’ve got to say – there is nothing quite like pure doctrine.

Just a few quick comments about the lesson I made (If you’re interested in reading the entire lesson, there is a link to it below).

Before I began the lesson, I gave the girls cookies. (Chocolate Peanut-Butter Surprise cookies). I handed it to them with a napkin, and before anyone could eat, I told them that they could either eat it now, or they could wait and have two if they waited until the end of class. They couldn’t have a single bite – or else they would disqualify themselves from the reward.
During the portion of the lesson titled Exaltation is worth our efforts I related how we have to endure to the end of our lives before receiving the reward of exaltation…Just like they had to endure to the end of the class before receiving their reward. (I then handed them the second cookie – it was at the end of class). All of the girls in my class did a good job waiting. 🙂

Another thing about the lesson I gave. I decided not to do the lesson that was given in the manual – word for word. As I mentioned, it is about exaltation.

I have just finished reading the Book of Mormon, and while reading the Book of Mormon, and preparing this lesson, I was struck by how the prophets in the Book of Mormon (Lehi, Jacob, Nephi, and Alma) taught about the plan of salvation (Including exaltation). They always gave context. The patter in teaching the plan of Salvation is as follows:

  • The Creation and Fall
    • In this lesson, not as much emphasis is given on the creation, but the account of the fall is given in detail. We need to understand our actual position in the world – dead – both temporally and physically. I’ve realized, when we come to understand the plight of mankind – after the fall – it is natural to either a) despair b) wish for hope.
  • The Atonement
    • After discussing the problems of the fall –

      • temporal death
      • spiritual death

      it becomes apparent that we need a solution. Christ is the Messiah and His atonement saves us in both ways – thereby offering immortality and exaltation. Isn’t it awesome? He is our hope!

  • The Doctrine of Christ
    • The atonement has two factors to it and is both unconditional and conditional.
      • Temporal – Resurrection – Immortality – this is a free gift. It is given to each of us unconditionally. Anyone who comes to the earth will receive the gift of immortality.
      • Spiritual – Eternal Life – Exaltation – This gift is not quite free. It is conditional on our willingness to come to the Savior. We cannot sufficiently “Pay” for our sins – so that we can one day return to the Father. Because of the Fall, we are cut off from Him. Christ’s atonement provides a way to become clean, perfected, and whole, but we must choose accept His doctrine.
    • Christ’s doctrine:
      • Have Faith / come unto Him
      • Repent
      • Be baptized
      • (He blesses you with the Holy Ghost – which sanctifies us and provides us help as we need it)
      • Endure to the End.

    That is the way to exaltation – as taught by Book of Mormon prophets.

    The girls in my class responded very well to the lesson. It was like a real class (!). We had diagrams on the board (although, not the traditional “plan of salvation” diagram). We didn’t talk about pre-mortal life, earth life, spiritual life, etc. We just talked about the doctrine of salvation and exaltation. It seemed like they were getting it.

    So – here is an outline of the lesson plan I made for my class if you want to glean a little bit from it.

    Remember to check out the original lesson plan at Do what the spirit guides you to do. Good luck with everything!


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