Diligence 2010 – August Update

So…I’ve tried to keep diligence on my mind a little bit more lately.

I’ve thought that I should make myself a sign that will remind me to be diligent, but I still haven’t done it….I promise I will.

See – I have this really nice kitchen. It has a nice tile backsplash. It is pretty. And I feel funny about putting post-it notes up everywhere. In other apartments and places, I’d have a little wall or half wall in my kitchen, where there was a bit of privacy. I’d put up a post-it note with a good quote or scripture, and then be able to look at it often (while doing dishes, cooking, etc). It was a helpful way to keep some idea on my mind as I tried to improve.

Where would you put a post it?

Maybe somewhere over here?

Now, I’m in this new house, and it’s pretty, and I don’t want a neon pink post it note glaring at me and everyone else.

But maybe that would be better than nothing.

Or maybe it would be good to put them on the insides of cupboards. I open those a lot.

I know that this sounds like a silly thing, but I’ve been thinking that I really need to get some scriptures hanging on my wall. I need reminders. My family needs reminders. So, I’m resolved to do that this month. I’ll make something pretty – so we can all look at it often. This week, I’ll work on the project, and I’ll look for some places to hang our little reminders.

It is hard for me to be diligent. Maybe if I have more physical reminders, I’ll start doing better with all of my goals.

PS. I’m realizing that it’s August, and that I have only 4 more months this year. What if diligence remains a theme for me into next year? Is that a good idea. Maybe it will be the theme for my life. I’m not sure, exactly, when one learns diligence.


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