Young Women’s Camp: Scripture Study

I realize that we’re halfway through summer, and there are probably a lot of young women’s groups that have already had camp. There are also plenty that haven’t yet had camp, but may not really have the time to do another new idea.

However, there may be some that will have the time and desire to do this at camp for the scripture study time.

I found, both as a youth, and as an adult, that some people have a hard time getting anything out of reading scriptures. When I was a young woman, I could read a block of scriptures, and then, when finished, realize I had no idea what I had just read. My mind would start wandering, and even though my eyes were moving along the page, my brain was thinking about boys, homework, a funny joke that I heard, a new art idea, etc.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found some techniques that help in studying the scriptures, but I’m still concerned about our youth -especially-learning to glean wisdom from the scriptures.

When I was a camp director, I had this concern in mind when I went over the certifications for each year/level. I remembered reading those same scripture blocks. While I felt the spirit at camp, I can’t say that it was always during my scripture reading time.

Later on, as a youth, I went on a Pioneer Trek. The organizers had created a study program for us. We were able to go into the woods, open our packets, and these worksheets directed us in scripture study, journal-keeping, and prayer. I remember that being quite effective. I felt like I had learned something.

So, I thought I’d apply this to young women’s camp. It is so uplifting to be able to read the scriptures in nature. I think that we don’t want the young women to miss out on the opportunity of communing with the Lord when they are away from their usual distractions.

Here, I’ve included, four documents – for each certification level at camp. The documents are filled with questions (enough for four days) that will help to guide the young woman through her scripture study. The questions and scripture study for each certification level is based on the scriptures suggested in the Young Women’s Camp Manual.

Access the document by clicking on the link below. Then, you can simply print these and put them in an envelope. In the past, I’ve printed these with a cute font and on cute paper, and folded them up in an envelope. It was kind of fun.

First Year Certification Scripture Study Pack
Second Year Certification Scripture Study Pack Note: On day four – question 6, I have included my own testimony of Joseph Smith. You will probably want to bear your own instead. (Or have a bunch of girls ask, “Who’s Sister Larson?”).
Third Year Certification Scripture Study Pack
Fourth Year Certification Scripture Study Pack Note: On day four – the final question, I have included my own testimony of the atonement. You will probably want to bear your own testimony instead.

I hope you find these packets helpful!

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  1. Kim

     /  May 22, 2012

    These packets are so great! This really helps me out. Thanks so much!

  2. Shana

     /  June 24, 2015

    Thank you so much

  3. Barbara

     /  July 7, 2016

    Great Idea thanks! It is getting late but I am going to add them!


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