Divine Nature 1 – Divine Qualities of a Daughter of God

“What are some of the divine qualities of a daughter of God? Read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” ( here); 2 Peter 1; Alma 7:23–24; and Doctrine and Covenants 121:45. In your own words, list the divine qualities discussed in your reading. Think about how you can discover and develop each of these qualities. Record your ideas in your journal.

As I read the scriptures listed in the value experience, I had the following thoughts and impressions.
The Family

  • Family is central to God’s plan. My being one of His spiritual daughters is a part of that.
  • Daughters of God are created in His image.
  • My gender has been a part of my identity since the pre-mortal realm. It is no accident that I’m a woman now.
  • My family relationships can be perpetuated beyond the grave. – This is kind of mind-blowing.
  • We are commanded to multiply and replenish the earth. Replenish means more than simply multiplying. It means we make it good, we are refilling the earth with something good and nurturing. It will be able to sustain others. We weren’t commanded to multiply. We weren’t commanded to populate. We were commanded to both multiply and replenish.
  • Children (daughters) are a heritage of the Lord.

2 Peter 1

  • We have been given all that we need in this life from our God.
  • Knowledge, virtue, diligence, faith, temperance, patience, Godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity. – Acquire and develop these characteristics to live a life that will be rewarding and please God.

Alma 7:23-24

  • We should be humble, submissive, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of patience, long-suffering, temperate, diligent, willing to ask, grateful, faithful, hopeful, and charitable. I love finding these lists in the scriptures.

Doctrine and Covenants 121:45

  • We need to obtain charity, faith, and virtue. We also need to develop a confidence in the Lord.
  • Our lives, when we live worthy, will be filled with His power.

    There is an interesting promise here. “and the doctrine of the priesthood shall distill upon thy soul as the dews from heaven.” I think that this is so very interesting! What is this doctrine? I’m thinking that it is the blessings of the temple. The power and blessings of the priesthood have filled my life as I work hard, study, do what I can to keep the commandments, and as I attend the temple.

    I still have so much to learn about the gospel, and the temple, but I have felt a significant influence of the power of the temple in my life.

As daughters, we do have divine qualities. I don’t think that we learn much about them in the world around us. It seems like we are encouraged to be competitive, skeptical, and sexual – rather than charitable, faithful, and virtuous. It seems like the world considers what the Lord has suggested to be outdated and old fashioned. It is hard to make the decision to listen to the whispering of the Spirit over what the World proclaims to be womanhood.

I’m grateful, however, that I can go to the scriptures and words of the prophets to know what divine qualities that the Lord has given me. I feel a sense of purpose as I work to develop these qualities. I also know that my life has been filled with joy and comfort because of the knowledge that the Lord has given me.

I mentioned, above, the blessings of the temple. I am studying these Young Women’s values as an older woman – one who has attended the temple, rather than one who is preparing. I am grateful that I have the blessings of the temple because what is taught there echoes what I’m learning about my divine nature. In the temple, we are taught in a unique and subtle way. However, it is through continued temple service that I’ve felt more comfortable with my role as a woman and mother on this earth.

I’m grateful to know that I’m a daughter of God.


3 thoughts on “Divine Nature 1 – Divine Qualities of a Daughter of God

  1. none

    Thank you for your time in posting this. I too am going through the personal progress a second time and you thoughts added to my own plus more. Thank you

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