Prophecies of Christ’s Second Coming

“And not many days hence the Son of God shall come in his glory; and his glory shall be the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father, full of grace, equity, and truth, full of patience, mercy, and long-suffering, quick to hear the cries of his people and to answer their prayers.” – Alma 9:26

“I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God; wherefore, gird up your loins and I will suddenly come to my temple. Even so. Amen.” – Doctrine and Covenants 36:8

I decided that I should include another point in this part of the scripture chain – prophecies of Christ’s second coming. This is an important part of Christ’s mission. He will come again – and He will come in His glory.

There are sooo many scriptures I could have included, but I decided on these two. I like the one in Alma because it lists all of Christ’s qualities. His glory is not that of the world – it is that of God – it is full of mercy, kindness, and meekness.

I also liked the reference from the Doctrine and Covenants because it is a declaration by the Savior, Himself. He will come again, and it will be sudden. We need to be ready.

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