If Handel had been a Mormon

I love Handel’s Messiah. I love singing along to it. I love participating in Messiah choruses and sing-a-longs, and I love trying to plunk it out on a piano.

A few years ago, I studied each of the scriptures included in the Oratorio – in order. The experience was really wonderful, and It got me thinking What if Handel was a Mormon??? I know, Handel couldn’t have possibly been a Mormon. He lived to early, but sometimes I like to wonder which scriptures from the Book of Mormon he would have included. I wonder what that music would sound like.

Okay. So I can’t really give a clue on what the music would have sounded like, but I DO have a list of scriptures that I think should be included in a Mormon-Messiah.

Please note: this in NO WAY would replace Handel’s Messiah. I would rather this selection of scriptures to work in conjunction with the scriptures included in the original work. (Kind of like how the Book of Mormon works with the bible to testify of Christ.)

I hope you also have fun with this. I’ll be posting new scriptures every day. They will correlate with the themes that already exist in Handel’s Messiah. (As follows):

Part I

  1. The Prophecy of Salvation
  2. The prophecy of the coming of the Messiah
  3. Portents and Purpose to the World at large
  4. Prophecy of the Virgin Birth
  5. The appearance of signs of Christ’s birth (Christ is Born)
  6. Christ’s miracles

Part II

  1. The sacrifice, scourging, and agony of Christ
  2. Death, hell, and resurrection
  3. Appearance to the Nephites
  4. His identity
  5. Evangelism – his Church is organized
  6. World rejects the gospel – Apostasy
  7. The Restoration of the gospel
  8. God’s Triumph
  9. Prophecies of Christ’s Second Coming

Part III

  1. Redemption of men from Adam’s fall
  2. Judgement
  3. Victory over death and sin
  4. Glorification of Christ

Check in every day until Christmas for this scripture chain.


5 thoughts on “If Handel had been a Mormon

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