My Testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I have a testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ’s Church on the earth today. I deeply believe that we believe in the same organization that existed in the church that Jesus Christ organized. I believe that our world experienced an apostasy – where no one on the earth had the fullness of truth. Then, in 1830, the Lord through the Prophet Joseph Smith, restored His true church to the Earth. Since this time, the Lord’s church has been on the earth.

I do think that many other churches have many qualities that are good and admirable. I think that many other churches teach the truth, and they lead their congregations to Christ. However, I also know that our church is the only one with the fullness of the gospel.

I have believed in the truthfulness of this Church for a long time. I have never really had a reason to disbelieve. Over time, my belief has become a testimony, as I’ve had many experiences that have signified to me that the Church is, indeed, true.

The Temple has been one of the strongest sources of my testimony that this is Christ’s Church on earth today. I have been able to attend the temple on a somewhat regular basis for over 10 years. My experiences at the temple have not always been singular in testimony building. In fact, I think that the experiences I’ve had at the temple have added up to a cumulative testimony. I have found that over the years, I can go to the temple for peace. I can go to the temple for direction. I can go to the temple for comfort. I know that the temple is a house of worship and service. When we attend the temple, learn about the gospel, perform service for our ancestors and others who have passed on before us, and are filled with joy in serving in the house of the Lord.

I know that the temple is not a place that was merely a figment of Joseph Smith’s imagination. The Spirit that is manifest in the temple testifies that it is a Holy Place where God and the Savior can dwell.

So much of the gospel is taught in the temple. We make sacred covenants there, including marriage. I know that we are the only church on the earth this day to do these things, and I know it is because this is God’s true church.

I’m so thankful to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints. I have been taught the plan of salvation, and I know who I am – a child of God. I believe in Christ and do all I can to respect and honor him. I am thankful for the guidance this has brought in my life, and because of this knowledge, I do, truly hope to help build up Zion throughout my life.


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