Young Women’s Lesson 1-39

Tomorrow, I’m teaching the lesson on Drug Abuse in Young Women’s. By the way, I’m an Advisor in the young womens. Anyways. Overall, I feel like the lesson isn’t bad. It is pretty straight forward.

I wasn’t sure how I’d end it, and I decided I wanted to make a treat to lighten the mood, so I decided to make these sugar cookies. I think they’re kind of funny.

All of the humor aside, I actually have a pretty strong feeling about drugs. I’ve seen them ruin lives. I’ve seen more than one family member die from cigarette smoking. My grandfather had emphysema. My step-grandfather died of lung cancer.

I also had a very dear person succumb to drug abuse. He got so heavily entrenched into drug use that it destroyed the relationship I once had with him. Eventually, he left, and no one – not friends or family – heard from him for years. Thankfully, he eventually got his life together. I’m not sure how it happened. I don’t know how low he had to go before he was ready to change. However, we had expected the worst. It was a terribly difficult time, and it was all because of drugs.

Above all, I think that the danger with drugs is the loss of the companionship of the Spirit. Additionally when we choose to use drugs we give up control and freedom.


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