My Daughter is Learning

All mothers, at some point, wonder if what they are teaching their children is really sticking. Are they getting it? I have felt way recently – especially when it comes to the gospel. I want my children to learn that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not only a good thing – in general – but is good for them. I want them to develop personal relationships with the Savior. I want them to have a testimony.

My little Crazy-love.

My oldest daughter turned eight a while ago. As she gets older, I’m beginning to see her make more decisions herself. She isn’t a little toddler anymore (!). She makes her own decisions, and sometimes they are wrong. Sometimes, she even does something she knows is wrong on purpose! (How could this happen…?) She has reached the age of accountability which means, she is susceptible to temptations, and may, despite my *stellar* parenting, give in to said temptations.

Usually, I spend time concentrating on that part of the “accountability” equation. Usually, I worry myself by thinking about temptations she’s facing now, I worry about the temptations she’ll face in the future, and I worry that she may not always choose well. (I get even more worried when I think about how I was as a child – how I handled temptation and sin).

Of course, Heavenly Father puts our worrying-motherly minds at ease from time to time. He reminds us of the other part of the “accountability” principle – that as she faces trials and temptations, and, as she overcomes them, then she gains her own testimony. (Which is what I want!)

On Saturday, we went to a baptism. I suggested that Crazy-love* write a little note for her friend that was getting baptized. I had the opportunity to read it before Crazy-love gave it to the girl. I’ll share it with you. (Thanks for indulging my proud mom moment).

Dear Jemima*,
I hope you have a great time with the Holy Ghost. I hope you know what he does when you are scard [sic] or sad. I hope you have a great baptism day today! 🙂
(P.S. Tell me what the Holy Ghost does when you are scared.)

I’m grateful to know that the Lord loves my little girl even more than I do. I’m so happy to know that He is interested in developing a relationship with her, and that He will give her opportunities to experience His Spirit in a way that she will understand. I know that this means that she will be facing temptation, but I’m so happy to know that She has the Holy Ghost with her, and that as she overcomes temptations, she will be strengthened and converted.

I think I can take a bit of a breath. (at least until my next daughter gets baptized).

ps. I still want the second coming to get her before these girls become teenagers, but I guess that’s a totally different story.

*Names have been changed, obviously.


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