Choosing a Higher Standard of Living

I’ve been studying a lot of Jacob lately. Most recently, I’ve been reading the reminders and warnings that Jacob gives to the people: “And according to the power of justice, for justice cannot be denied, ye must go away into that lake of fire and brimstone, whose flames are unquenchable, and whose smoke ascendeth up forever and ever, which lake of fire and brimstone is endless torment. – (Jacob 6:10.)

It kind of sounds scary.

In today’s study, I followed a cross-reference to the Doctrine and Covenants: “Ye call upon my name for revelations, and I give them unto you; and inasmuch as ye keep not my sayings, which I give unto you, ye become transgressors; and justice and judgment are the penalty which is affixed unto my law.” – (D&C 82:4).

Sounds even scarier.

I mean, when I read this, I kind of thought, does this ever make anyone stop studying? Does knowing the gospel make me wish I didn’t know it – for fear of transgression and punishment. Fair enough…in a way. But then I realized, NO! Not really fair enough. Sure, it’s a temptation to think that living without the law – and therefore “free” to transgress would be better than to have the law and then, therefore, subject to penalization when I commit sin.

It seems kind of romantic – to think that life is better without the gospel. Like I could be living some kind of fun, fast-paced, sex-in-the-city kind of life. It seems romantic, but it isn’t true.

I compare that nonsense-dream to my reality. Life is hard at time. Sometimes sacrifices must be made in order for me to keep the commitments I’ve made with Heavenly Father. As I’ve received more knowledge, yes, I’ve felt the burden of more responsibility. Yes, I’m required to have a higher standard….and…

As I have aspired to a higher standard of living, I also have been blessed with a higher standard of living.

My life is better because of the knowledge that the Lord has given me, and because of the obedience he requires.

Jesus told his disciples, “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10). I know that this has been true for me. I’m so grateful that I have been able to come to know the Lord’s laws. I’m grateful for the added measure of responsibility. I can testify that as I have submitted myself to the will of the Lord, and as I have kept the commandments as best as I can, I have been abundantly blessed.

(I want to know more!)


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Higher Standard of Living

  1. I’m so with you on this! I go through those same feelings of fear, wishing I wasn’t accountable, and then remembering that my life is so much better with the gospel than it would ever be without it.

    YAYYYYYY for blessings!

    1. Yeah, isn’t it funny how sometimes we’re tempted to think that ignorance is bliss? We forget how truth is freedom, liberation and happiness…

      and I second you’re “YAYYYYYYY for blessings!” šŸ™‚

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