The Stars at Night

Recently I’ve moved cross country. Overall, it has been a really good experience. There are many new things to learn about this new area, but overall I like it.

One thing I complained about was how there is not a giant city nearby. Everywhere else I’ve ever lived has either been in a city or in a major city’s metropolitan area. (Phoenix, Philadelphia, Houston, Salt Lake…). Well, now that I’m in Arkie-land, I’m in an area that is relatively populated – it feels like any suburb I’ve ever lived in, but I keep forgetting it’s not a suburb. So, there are many things we don’t have here, and when I ask about where I may find a (Whole Foods Store, Museum, Craft Shop, Theater, etc), usually the answer involves me driving somewhere that is at least three hours away.

I haven’t been too upset about this, but at times it does feel a little inconvenient.

But last night, my mind changed about everything.


I saw stars.


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