Blessings: My Husband “Homey”

So, I was a single mom for a while, and during that time, there was nothing more that I wanted than to be able to find a husband – a good husband. I wanted to find the man that would take me to the temple, be my friend, be faithful, provide for my family, lead our home in righteousness, have a testimony in the gospel, love the Lord, and Love me. (Is that too much to ask for? – NO!)

I knew that, at some point, the Lord would give me this blessing, but it was difficult to wait and see what it was that the Lord had in mind for me.

Well, eventually, I met *Homey on the internet (from his famous – David Hasselhoff Blog). We were getting to know each other. We talked and talked and talked. I knew him, and I knew that so much of me loved him.

One morning, on my way to dropping off Crazy* and Cutie* at my Mom’s house before going to work, I remember feeling this overwhelming sense of joy – I knew that Homey was a miracle in my life. I knew that he was the most amazing blessing I had yet experienced. I felt so grateful to receive such a benevolent gift from God. I knew that it was God who brought Homey and I together, and that it was Heavenly Father that enabled anything to happen between us.


I know that on my own, I wasn’t worthy of the blessing to meet and marry Homey. It was because of Christ’s pure love for me and because of His mercy that I was receiving the blessing of having a husband. I wasn’t worthy of such a blessing on my own accord. I had made mistakes. I had not always acted as well as expected. I felt a keen awareness that there are so many other women-really GOOD women-who are praying for the blessing of marriage, and yet – I was receiving it. It didn’t seem fair that The Lord answered my prayers so quickly. Yet the blessing of the Lord went beyond my expectation. The Lord delivered me from the sorrows of loneliness and the tired life of single-motherhood. I think that this was one of the moments in my life that I knew I had a Savior who loved me. I mean, I knew Jesus Christ loves me, but this blessing had been so personal, and it required so much work from me – it impacted me quite profoundly.

Homey and I (and the afro wig)

Homey and I (and the afro wig).

Homey has continued to be a blessing to me. I can see that he has been the best for me. Like many married couples, we have much in common, and also many differences. Both our commonalities and differences are blessings to me. Homey loves me, supports me, listens to me, hugs me, inspires me, and really likes me. (And he’s really cute!) Since marrying Homey, I’ve become a better Mother, Daughter, and Wife. I’ve become a better woman.

Homey is one of my greatest blessings.

(I’m feeling SUPER mushy right now).

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. 😉


5 thoughts on “Blessings: My Husband “Homey”

  1. Thanks, Jessica. I agree. Originally, I didn’t want to be all mushy, but it was out of control before I even noticed.

    Hopefully the picture of me in an afro wig tempered everything. 😉

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