Running (and not being weary)

Yesterday I woke up early, put on the running tights and afro wig, and then headed down to the Lake for a Halloween 5K.


This is the first time I’ve run in an organized race since a 5K in 2006! I can’t believe it. I’ve been running since then, but I haven’t done any kind of race.

My running, in general, suffered greatly when I got pregnant. First it was the morning (all-day) sickness. Then I was having issues with my pelvis. It was extremely painful to walk, let alone run. After the pregnancy, I started running again, but I’ve still experienced a great deal of pain. After doing a lot of pilates, and slowly bringing exercise back into my life, I’m finally able to run for about 30 minutes or so without experiencing too much pain.

So – I decided to run the 5K.

In some ways, I was really upset with myself because I was going so slow. Of course, I haven’t worked out much since I’ve moved. I was also frustrated because after 2 miles, my pelvis was starting to hurt a lot. However, at the beginning of the race, I prayed that I’d just make it through the race – running the whole time. And I did!

I can’t complain – I haven’t trained. I have only run 3 miles in the last month (well, 6 if you include the 5K), and my pelvis is still crazy. I felt energized by the 5K, and I was reminded why I want to live healthy. I also decided to make a goal of running in more events and trimming my time down. I finished this Halloween 5K in 33 minutes (I know! It took me FOR-EV-ER).

Running Goals
1. Run another 5K in November – take off at least 3 minutes in my time.
2. Run in the mornings – Yay for daylight savings!!!


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