How to Make a Family Home Evening Record

Okay, so maybe it is because I was an administrative assistant, or maybe it is because I love record keeping and journaling – I keep notes of our family home evenings. At first, I think that my husband thought I might be crazy, but now, these are some of our favorite things to look back through. Our FHE records are not frilly, cute, or exciting – they are super simple.

First of all, get your binder. Here’s mine:
FHE binder - a simple binder from any office supply store.

Inside, I have a little pocket divider. In the pocket divider I’ve placed several blank agendas. (I’ve also punched holes in them).
Our agenda looks like this

  • Opening Song:
  • Opening Prayer:
  • Scripture/Thought:
  • Lesson:
  • Activity:
  • Closing Song:
  • Closing Prayer:
  • Treats:
  • Every week, the person in charge of the Lesson will also fill out the agenda.
    This Agenda was filled out by one of our little ones.  After FHE, put the completed agenda into a binder. I love having these past lessons on file. It is so cute to see the kids’ handwriting, spelling, and lessons. They love looking back, too.

    Often, I also keep notes during FHE. It is fun to write down what happens. Sometimes, life is boring…not much to report. But you never know when a kid is going to say something (inadvertently) hilarious. You never know when a hummingbird may fly into your house and cause complete havoc. Those things are fun to remember! It is also a great place to write down the forming testimonies of our children. Don’t forget: record your own (or your spouse’s testimony)!

    Finally, I often include a sampling of what we did for an activity. Sometimes, we play games. Obviously, nothing will be kept for that. Sometimes, the games are more interesting (ie: twister)…Then, you might want to get out your camera, print out the picture and put in your folder. Still, other times, we actually make something. Then, if I’m able, I try to include it in the binder – sometimes even attached to the FHE agenda from the night it was given.

    A little FHE craft. This is a little craft we did when learning about the 2nd article of faith. It was small enough to fit into a baggie. Then I stapled the baggie to the FHE agenda page.

    Anyways – this is a lengthy post, but I hope you enjoy. We have been keeping these records for some time now, and it is really great looking back and see what is different or what is the same. It is great to see a record of what we learned during hard times and good times. Just remember – do what works for you, and have fun with it.


    2 thoughts on “How to Make a Family Home Evening Record

      1. Thanks for the comment.

        We really like having the little agenda/fhe record. It has been a great way to keep track of things we’ve done. I love reading the testimonies and cute things that were said. The kids love seeing the pictures/crafts/etc.

        Let me know how it works out for your family. And if you have any other bright ideas, please share!

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