He First Loved Us

I know that I’m getting to this a little late.  Conference was over a week and a half ago.  However, we’ve been in the middle of a cross-country move.  While we were moving, we all ended up getting the flu (my theory: it was the swine flu).  So, I feel like I’m finally starting to get into the swing of things, and I wanted to make sure that while I started “swinging” I didn’t forget to mention something I really liked about Conference.

Obviously, I loved all of the conference talks.  I love hearing from the Prophet.  I love listening to the apostles.  I also love hearing from other General Authorities and auxiliary leaders.  This seems kind of redundant to state, but I just want to preface this blog entry with that fact.  I, like so many other Mormons, love General Conference.  I always feel refreshed and edified. All of that being said, I want to bring up one little topic that seemed to stand out in this most recent General Conference:

Heavenly Father Loves Us.

I felt impressed to jot this fact down, specifically during Robert D. Hales’ talk.  I’m not sure that it was specifically because of His talk.  Elder Hales did spend plenty of time talking about Heavenly Father.  However, throughout General Conference, I felt that one predominate message was that God Loves us.  It really came to me during Elder Hales’ talk, and, almost instantly after jotting down, “We can know God and We can know that he Loves us,” I wrote down the following:

Unwavering Childlike Faith.”

As I was watching conference, I was sitting with my three little children.  They are snuggly and loving, and I felt like I knew that they knew I loved them.  I thought of how Heavenly Father, a perfect parent, must love us so much, and how I ought to be like my own children: confident in the Love that my Father in Heaven has for me.  Heavenly Father has created this beautiful earth – for our sustenance and enjoyment.  He has given us families and relationships.  He has given us bodies and minds that, for the most part, work.  He has given us laws and commandments so we could learn to be happy. He has given us the gift of His Only Begotten Son, so we could return to Him.  He has given us His Spirit.  He has given us Agency.

And, after this last General Conference, I hope to use my agency to show Him that I recognize His love.  I do Love my Heavenly Father.  I know he loves me.  As John declared:  “We love Him, because He first loved us.”  (1 John 4:19).  I’m grateful to know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and I’m so grateful that this message came across so strong in General Conference.


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